Mental Break and The Start of Something New

I need a mental break and I feel so good to finally vocalise it and tell you all that we will be rebranding and launch in the coming months.
I will be taking some very much needed time off posting on here but will be very active on social media, mostly Instagram and all your blogs.
I will also stay active on my Youtube channel, I am currently running a giveaway that might interest you all, so I leave it here. We will also upload weekly on the podcast on SoundCloud and also find us on iTunes, we are ''Thrive Table''
Stay distinguished and inspired.

Introducing Thrive Table Podcast for All African Millennial Women

I am super excited to finally share with you all what we have been cooking with my Naija sister
The first ever podcast from two African/Nigerian Diaspora women celebrating and discussing everything from love, life, boarding school. spirituality, art and everything from the diaspora woman's perspective.
We will go live on Monday and every Monday there will be a new episode of our fabulous fun selves for you all to explore our Africanness and how we navigate through the spaces we currently reside.
Are you as excited as we are? #ThriveTablePod
We both believe fiercely in the novel idea of African stories that are told by African voices (I know right?) and some of that righteous passion was awakened by the fact that as young women living in Nigeria we heard louder Western male voices than local female voices. Today we are both loud & proud of our African heritage that has been infused with some Western diaspora influences and we want to be the loud voices we didn't really hear when we were youngsters. So if you've ever wondered what happens in the raw & unfiltered mind of the millennial diaspora African female- your wait is OVER.
I hope you enjoy listening to our voices and find your stories inspiring.

I am sure we all are here for the Beyoncé goodness and magical twins pregnancy photos

I just have to say ''Thank you'' to queen Bey for paying homage to my ancestors with all these amazingness and of course for giving us something to distract us from all the craziness in the world,
Oshun, Yemaja and Ibeji gods are smiling at you right now, if you don't know what I am talking

Your Self Care and Creativity is a Form of Resistance

In the words of the ever empowering Audre Lorde, I will start this post by saying 'I am deliberate and I am afraid of nothing'
Disclaimer: I haven't lost my faith entirely in people and I don't want to be the party pooper here.
I am just openly saying what I personally think after observing major events happening around the globe, I see that you can't always hold people accountable for their ignorance, lack of will to learn and sometimes their blatant idiocy.

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