Luxury Wood Watch Editorial plus Jord Watch Giveaway

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Luxury watches are always IN. When you add a bit of innovation, like making your  luxury watches out of natural wood, you got me all hooked.
Jord Wood Watch is a company that specialises in Luxury Wood Watch , and I found out about them 
last year from a fellow blogger (Madison) and I immediately felt in love with the creative initiative behind such a decision.  When a brand goes all the way in for their potential customer’s happiness, the environment and all artistic gods out there, you know they mean business and aren’t here to play at all even though sometimes playing is good especially when it is in your creative designs.
My mother said a person’s watch says a lot about them, sometimes that can be how diligent and precise they are or how shabby and careless they are.
Jord caters for everyone with their elaborative cool men's watch and women watches alike with a vast range of style and series.
Watches can be great time keeper but can also serve as a great conversation starter, when they are made in such a unique and intriguing way. Jord timepieces combine both attributes in such a delicate mix.  I personally choose the 'Purpleheart and Pearl' from the Cora Serie because I love burgundy and there is no better colour out there for the fall season.
This was supposed to be a fall style editorial, but I live in Athens currently and fall(Autumn) is not really a thing, so I needed a little bit of it in my life.
Jord watches are not limited by season or periods, just like my chosen watch they can automatically fit into any season, style and setting.
If you can put your imagination to great use, just like the designer of these unique pieces, you cannot be stopped by anything. I believe this piece is also the perfect gift for you or the watch lovers in your life.
My watch is also automatic with a movement mechanism that allows it to function with mere movement. The shining pieces of Swarovski and pearls are an impeccable addition  from classy casual to very detailed glamour and it is also water resistant, just don’t go scuba diving with it.
I have created an editorial with various ways you can style the cool Cora watch in the images and video that follows. This watch was  bae at my best friends wedding in Cyprus and I was literally stopped at airport security because the lady wanted to get a similar watch and she wanted to know where I got mine.
We have decided with the Jord team to collaborate and host a giveaway that will give you all a chance to try them out for yourselves, Christmas in September!

What you are winning:

$75 e-voucher for one winner and everyone who enters gets a $20.00 e-gift card excluding the winner.  Click the link to enter the contest post:
Your $20 e-gift card will be emailed to you directly.
Good Luck everyone and let me know you would style your watch for the fall season in the comment below.

*This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches.

Emerald dress by Crochelle,  Retro Matte Red Ruby Woo Lipstick by Mac,Stripe dress seen here , Black romper and White Dress are from SheInWatch c/o : Jord Wood Watch

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  1. I love watches - they're such a simple but elegant accessory. Sadly, I have tiny wrists so I can't wear them! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous - especially love the dress!

  2. I love your pictures, they are so spectacular, haha. Watches looks so good, they are very interesting. And also agree with you, nice watches can do a magic, haha :)


  3. The watch looks really beautiful! I also love all your pictures and outfits, and I'm in love with that gold necklace you're wearing on top of the black outfit :)

  4. Φοβερό το πράσινο φόρεμα!

  5. Love the watch, especially the colour of it. And all your outfit pictures are just gorgeous.

  6. I love this watch! I wouldn't believe if I just haven't seen how good it goes with every outfit you wore! You have such an eye for details!

  7. These wood watches are really cute and I love all your fab outfits.

  8. your photos are lovely - I love my JORD watch!

  9. Such gorgeous photos A! And loving your watch too. Also what you mum says about watches is so on point, I think this is going to stick with me for the rest of my life hehehe!


  10. Lovely pictures!
    You look so happy and free!

    P.S The packaging of that watch is so fab!

  11. Nice Look
    Your look so Hot & Gorgeous

  12. Love the presentation of the watch. Very cool packaging. It looks like a really nice watch too. I think l would like it :-). Love the photoshoot too!

  13. Girl, you are simply a GODDESS!!!!

  14. I love how beautiful the watch looks on your skin tone. Gorgeous!

  15. Amazing photos of you! One of your best photo shoots ever.


  16. Love the photos. All are very gorgeous sporting your Jord watch! Thanks for sharing!

  17. First, I adore your pictures, they are stunning! The watch is beautiful!!

  18. You look stunning! I have never seen a Jord watch look so elegant. Yes! Makes me want to take a trip to the beach.

  19. This is definitely a beautiful watch. I tend to steer clear of jewelry on my wrists because my skin tends to be sensitive. I must say, the pics you've taken of yourself are just lovely!!

  20. These watches are amazing. I'm excited about this giveaway! And your photos are stunning!!

  21. I haven't worn a watch in years, but my interest has recently been piqued when I spotted these wood watches. They are amazing!

  22. Beautiful photos! I have seen so much about the Jord watch! I really need to get one. It's beautiful!

  23. Your pictures are great! That watch looks so pretty and comfortable. It would make a great gift for anyone. I like unique things like this.

  24. The post is so great! I love it so much:) Have a nice day!

  25. Your photos are amazing. I keep reading great things about these watches. I'm going to check them out.

  26. I have been stalking these watches. I most certainly am planning to add one to my collection in the near future.

  27. Pictures are amazing and you look good as well. I want these watches!

  28. Amazing! Love the vibrant dress and the watch looks amazing. I have the same one in a different colour. It's adorable, but I hate that it's automatic and have to adjust the time after not wearing it for a while.

  29. Girl, I love both your emerald dress and your timepiece! Where did you got your dress?

  30. It seems like you had an amazing time by the beach and you look absolutely gorgeous. I love these watches, they have such a nice design!

  31. I've read about wood watches before. It really seems to be a trend indeed. And I like it. It looks really amazing. Your pictures are really beautiful!! Love the green dress by the way. It's really cool the watch is water resistant and has pieces of Swarovski and pearls!

  32. I really like your pictures and ideas for this post. I love watches honestly. Watch being water resistant is pretty cool with pearl pieces. Haven't really heard about this communication before. Like it.

  33. Yes the watch looks great but let's talk about you in that green maxi dress!! 😍 Ree Love30

  34. The watch is amazing and you are amazing! I love watches, yet, I don't wear them a lot, since they usually got ruined. But oh well... I love the packaging of the watch as well.
    Tina von S |

  35. Beautiful photos, you look great! Watch is gorgeous, i love wood watches :)

  36. They have such gorgeous watches! I can't wait for mine <3

  37. Oh I love the packing and unique design of the watch - Pearl and Swarovski

  38. Jord watches are so beautiful! Love your pictures :)

  39. Wood watches? I'm in! Love those rompers too.


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