A Nigerian/Greek ambitious, multifaceted and passionate spiritual intersectional feminist and social justice junkie.
 Multilingual Speech pathologist, my native languages are English, Yoruba and Greek. A feminist and ardent reader of books(in love with Chimamanda and Zadie Smith)
Passionate traveller and world citizen. Lived in Nigeria, Niger Republic, United Kingdom, Greece, Germany and currently based in London United Kingdom.
I do freelance modelling,  and love discover emerging fashion designers, products and homemade recipes for beauty and hair.
I am a coffee addict and make juicing and protein shakes my second nature.
I am a radio producer, a social justice activist and yoga therapist.
I am the founder of the infamous project ''warrior women'' yoga for mental rehabilitation from trauma also featured on the Women  Under Siege platform.
I believe life is a battle of the fittest but human beings are social beings, so we all have an obligation to support and help each other in the race.

You can learn a lot from others if you allow them.

The blog has been voted "The Best Greek Beauty Blog" of the year 2012, has been featured on both local and national Greek media.

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The blog is to give voice to those whose have been suppressed and inspire those who are less represented. The aim is to use the collection of our art to heal, to bond and to grow every day.I will hope you all get inspired and inspire others as we all involve in this common space.

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I will like to also hear from you, send me emails for any request or just to say "Hi": adeola@distinguisheddiva.com.com
  Adeola Naomi

All pictures and written words on this blog are properties of "Distinguished Diva" and protected by copyright. Be fair when sharing and add a link back.
I always disclaim if any post is sponsored. You come first every time.
Don't steal anything or else I will hunt you down and ravish you!!!

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